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This is a resource page for the wonderful people, foods, and kitchen equipment that may be useful for your journey to delicious WFPB eating. 

If you have suggestions for additional products or food, please don’t hesitate to email me the information!

FULL DISCLOSURE: If I put in links to some Amazon purchase sites, it was mainly because it’s easier (I bought the original item from Amazon). I get a teeny Amazonian commission (through their Amazon Associates program) if you buy directly from my link —please do not feel the need to do so.

People and organizations we love

Susan Peirce Thompson and Bright Line Eating A whole new way of thinking about your adversarial relationship with food. A true game changer in my life, realizing that a real sugar and flour addiction was diving a smart and willpower-rich girl to stuff her cheeks like a chipmunk was eye opening. With this book (bought USED from Amazon) and a couple Facebook groups I have achieved a peaceful detente.

Dr Michael Gregor and his team from Nutrition Facts  His videos reviewing the medical literature on specific dietary management of disease are amusing, convincing, and simply spectacular— and I am a huge fan. There is no need to re-invent this wheel, I will gladly stand on the shoulders of these giants and share their information further. My mission is the passion and joy in eating WFPB, his teams’ mission is to show you that data that you can indeed make a difference in your own health. 

The PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) is both an awesome group and an awesome website, especially for their 21 Day Kickstart Vegan Education Program. Have a friend or patient who is ‘veg-curious’? Send them here:

Dr. Dean Ornish‘s work, dating back to the 1970s, when he showed that INOPERABLE heart disease could be reversed in six months with a low fat WFPB diet. Outstanding, and still not as well known as it should be. I remember trying to get Pop to eat this way, but WFPB wasn’t a ‘thing’ then, so wasn’t easy.

Graphene Theme, created and developed by the brilliant Syahir Hakim. A wonderful theme to create a WordPress site of ease and grace, well worth your learning curve. Start with the basic Graphene, then upgrade to Graphene Plus for a couple bucks. 

Jeannie Hobbs of Hobbs Studio My amazing photographer of over a decade. The photos don’t just resemble me; they show the animation and twinkle a great photographer can capture.

Regina Schwaebler and The CertainTea If you have chosen to embrace drinking lovely and flavorful teas, why not treat yourself to the best? Peruse the options at my friend Regina’s passion.


Penzeys spices Amazing source for fresh flavorful spices– you will never return to grocery store purchased spices again! I love their vision of love and inclusiveness through cooking and food– a class act!

Palouse Brand Chickpeas A dried bean is a dried bean… until you taste the Mader family’s Palouse chickpeas– they are in fact smoother and creamier. I buy 25 lb bags of chickpeas here, each bag comes with information on the specific field in which it was grown (called ‘field tracing’). So far, I’ve done their chick peas, lentils, and wheatberries. Well worth the money, and comparably priced to your local grocery.

Lime granules (True Lime 10.6oz Shaker) I’ve never seen these in a store; if you want a burst of bright lime without watering your food, this is what you’ve been waiting for. I use it frequently, and yet I’m only halfway through the bottle I bought two years ago.

Hibiscus (flower) tea Convinced by a Dr Greger video ( showing Hibiscus to have 100x the antioxidants of green tea, I’ve started ‘sun brewing’ my hibiscus petals in water, then concocting hibiscus lemonade with lemon juice, erythritol (, and the hibiscus tea. I buy the hibiscus at the local international market for a lot cheaper than the Amazon price ( a bag the size of a standard small throw pillow for about $4.50); you can also buy various varieties of ‘Zinger’ tea for ease of concocting.

Prebiotic Bimuno  OK, guys, this is just a scientifically unproven idea, but a thought for those of us BLErs suffering with sugar cravings… I’m doing BLE as a Susceptibility 8, and personally playing with prEbiotics (probiotics ARE bacteria, prebiotics are bacterial fertilizer, prebiotics are long chain carbohydrates that your body cannot absorb but your gut bacteria love to eat–yes, BLE compliant).  There is some evidence that taking GOS ( a prebiotic, one form available on Amazon as “Bimuno” (I take 1 sachet daily), reduces stress and cortisol levels and improves happiness levels, and an interesting suggestion that it stops sugar cravings. Interest in the role of the gut microbiome and obesity…

Here’s the science-y article.

Kitchen Equipment


Instant Pot Duo  I wouldn’t do the beans, the hearty leafy greens and the vegetable broths without this workhorse. It sits on my counter, and is used about 3 times a week. I’ve even made yogurt and bread in this, and helped a friend with a cheesecake recipe. Seriously not a fad; get one!

Nutrachef Food Dehydrator I borrowed a friend dehydrator to play, and then finally got my own. Great for kale chips and crunchy snack chick peas, my main use if for when I grow or purchase an overabundance of fruit or vegetables. I have enjoyed dried orange slices and zucchini chips, when normally these over-buys would have resulted in additional compost fodder when they molded. Borrow one first, and if you enjoy it, buy one. 

Silicone hot pads IKEA and Amazon

New strainer

Wide mouth ball jars

Silicone pouches

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